Catalogue of Historical References

Christ Church, Warwick, New York

C = Correspondences

P = Periodicals

T/C= Testimonials/Certificates

Date: From: To: About: Cat. #
7/23/1864 J.M. Bradner N.F. Ludlum Election as Rector C-1A
7/25/1864 N.F. Ludlum Vestry Accept Position C-1B
4/9/1865 N.F. Ludlum Vestry Meeting on 4/18 C-1C
11/6/1868 Vestry Rev. McIlvaine Invite to Rector pos. C-2A
11/16/1868 Rev. McIlvaine Vestry Interested C-2B
2/4/1869 Rev. McIlvaine Vestry Accept position C-2C
3/16/1883 G.W. Timlow Col. Weir Will do Easter C-3A
10/9/1884 Rector G. Hepburn Vestry Please pay my salary C-4A
11/13/1884 Mr. Weir Mr. Miller About subscript. list C-5A
11/22/1887 H.K. Boyer Vestry Accept as Rector C-6A
8/9/1887 Arch-deacon Thomas G. Burt Finding Rector C-7A
9/2/1887 Vestry H.K. Boyer 2nd Invitation C-8A
9/8/1887 H.K. Boyer M. Rutherfurd Need more time C-8B
9/30/1887 H.K. Boyer M. Rutherfurd Accept as Rector C-8C
10/18/1887 Vestry H.K. Boyer Official Invitation C-8D
10/22/1887 M. Rutherfurd ArchD. Thomas Hired Boyer with your financial support C-8E
10/27/1887 M. Rutherfurd ArchD. Thomas Appl. to the ArchD. C-9A
12/14/1888 H.K. Boyer Vestry I resign C-10A
12/9/1889 Rev. J. Flair Vestry I resign C-11A
3/10/1891 D. Howell Vestry Will you be Lay Reader? C12-A
5/12/1892 D. Howell Vestry Ordained: I accept as Rector C-12B
3/29/1895 D. Howell M. Rutherfurd I resign C-13A
4/18/1895 D. Howell M. Rutherfurd I withdraw my resignation C-13B
4/24/1895 D. Howell M. Rutherfurd I resign as of May 24 C-13C
5/3/1895 L.V. Evans Vestry Appl. to be Rector C-14A
7/15/1895 Vestry Rec. C. Tibballs About invitation to be Rector C-15A
8/10/1895 Rev. C. Tibballs Vestry I accept C-15B
8/10/1895 Rev. C. Tibballs Vestry I forgot: Thank you for the stole C-15C
9/21/1895 Lewis Wildrich M. Rutherfurd Resign as Vestryman C-16A
6/12/1897 B.F. Vail M. Rutherfurd Subscriber list enclosed C-17A
6/12/1897 Same Same List C-17B
8/2/1889 Archdeaconry Rev. Fair Meeting 9/2 C-18A
5/24/1898 E.M. Reynolds Vestry Resign as Clerk C-19A
7/4/1898 Rev. C. Tibballs Vestry "Burned Out" I resign C-20A
7/9/1898 Rev. C. Tibballs Vestry Clerk Reynolds Meeting to discuss both above resignations C-20B
7/14/1898 Rev. D. Evans G. Burt Clerk Replacing Tibballs C-21A
7/18/1898 Same Same Rev. J.F. Millbank C-21B
7/19/1898 G. Burt Rev. D. Evans Thanks! C-21C
7/19/1898 G. Burt Clerk Rev. Thomas Accept resignation C-21D
7/19/1898 M. Rutherfurd Rev. C. Tibballs Accept resignation C-21E
8/?/1898 Rev. C. Roper Treasurer Rev. Millbank C-21F
8/1/1898 Rev. Thomas M. Rutherfurd Thanks for notification of resignation C-21G
8/2/1898 M. Rutherfurd Bishop Potter Vacancy C-21H
8/8/1898 Bishop Potter M. Rutherfurd Received letter C-21I
8/6/1898 Rev. U. Symonds F.S. Smith Apply for pos. of Rector C-22A
8/9/1898 M. Rutherfurd Rev. U. Symonds There will be a delay C-22B
9/23/1898 G. Nelson secty to Bishop Rev. C. Tibballs Allow A.H. Profitt to officiate starting 10/2 C-23A
9/24/1898 G.F.A.? Bishop Potter Send Rev. Paddock's address - Letter about possibly filling postion C-24A
9/26/1898 G. Nelson M. Rutherfurd Here is address C-24B
9/26/1898 Rev. Tibballs Same Here is Bishop's letter C-24C
10/1/1898 Rev. A. Mann Mr. Smith A suggestion for Rector: H. Schuyler C-25A
10/8/1898 The Rev. H. Schuyler M. Rutherfurd Service on 10/16 C-25B
9/29/1898 Rev. J.C. Fair Mrs. Dolsen Using her influence to secure him the position as Rector C-26A
10/4/1898 Vestry Rev. Fair We prefer an interim for now C-26B
10/26/1898 G.F.A.? Rev. Fair No Rector for at least a year C-26C
10/4/1898 ? Rev. Proffitt Can you serve on Oct. 9? C-27A
10/5/1898 Rev. Proffitt M. Rutherfurd I can C-27B
10/11/1898 Rev. C.H. Stocking M. Rutherfurd I will preach on 10/23 C-28A
10/15/1898 M. Rutherfurd Rev. C.H. Stocking Train directions C-28B
10/26/1898 Same Rev. Paddock Officiate 11/6? C-29A
10/26/1898 Rev. Schuyler M. Rutherfurd No resources to hire now C-30A
10/26/1898 M. Rutherfurd Rev. G.C. Houghton We have no plans to hire now C-31A
12/20/1898 Bishop Potter A Warden Want Rev. Pickslay C-32A
12/21/1898 M. Rutherfurd Rev. Pickslay Call to be Rector C-32B
12/20/1898 U.P. Fowler M. Rutherfurd Resign from Vestry C-33A
10/18/1899 G.C. Houghton U.P. Fowler Recommend Rev. Stillman as Rector C-34A
6/26/1900 M. Rutherfurd Rev. Pickslay A month vacation with pay C-35A
9/20/1901 B.F. Vail Vestry Resign from Vestry C-36A
11/?/1901 H.F. Smith-Deiy Vestry Offering $100 to be matched by you C-37A
11/22/1901 Vestry Mrs. F.S. Smith We may not have the money to match yours C-37B
11/25/1901 Clerk Mrs. F.S. Smith and Ladies Guild Thank you for the money C-37C
6/22/1853 Bishop Wain-Wright and Standing Committee Vestry Certification of Deaconate for W.H. Carter T/C-1A
5/23/1854 Vestry St. Albornes Standing Committee Rev. in "Good Standing" for Carter T/C-1B
5/31/1854 Rev. Thos. Guion of St. Johns Bishop Potter Testimonial T/C-1C
10/10/1864 Wardens Christ Church Bishop Potter We choose N. Ludlum as Rector T/C-2A/B
1865 Parochial Report Diocese Christ Church P-1A
1866 Church Journal Diocese Cornerstone Ceremony P-2A
7/14/1866 Warwick Advertiser Warwick Cornerstone Ceremony P-2B
1867 Gospel Messenger Diocese Consecration of church P-3A
1883 Newspaper ? N.A. Re-opening of church P-4A

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