June / July 2015


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The time has come for us to honor and celebrate Mother Beth Phillips time here with us. As you almost certainly have heard by now, Mother Beth has been called as the fifth Rector of Christ Church Portola Valley and Woodside, California. Her last Sunday with us will be June 28.

Newly ordained clergy serve for 2-3 years in their first position on average. With all of Mother Beth’s gifts, I knew it would not be long before a parish called her to lead her own .

She has been a faithful servant of our Lord Jesus Christ helping to tend to the flock here in Warwick for two full years. Her many gifts have enriched our time together.particular I would like to hold up her work with our seniors and with the children of this parish. Both groups have benefitted greatly from her pastoral presence.

On a personal note, I will miss the collegial relationship we have. Beth is a wonderful sounding board and a reliable confidant. During my father’s illness and subsequent passing she offered a pastoral presence to me and helped lighten my work load so I could tend to my grieving family. For this I will always be grateful.I am sure y’all have similar stories of Beth’s ministry in your life.

We will have two opportunities to celebrate Beth’s time here with us. On Wednesday, June 24, we will gather at 6:30pm at Pennings’ on Route 94 for dinner. The main course will be provided,are to be purchased there and you may bring dessert to share with others. We will also have a special Coffee Hour at 9:30am on Sunday, June 28in the parish hall. I hope you can attend one or both of these gatherings.come with your “Mo B” stories to share and let Beth know what she has meant to you.

In Ecclesiastes, Chapter 3 we are reminded, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” Mother Beth’s time is winding down with us but her ministry continues. The good folks at her new parish in California will soon reap the benefits of her many gifts as we have. Please join me in keeping her and her new parish in your prayers.

Bon Voyage and many blessings,

Father Jim


Dear Beloveds:

I can hardly believe that the end of the school year is nearly here! We have several seniors graduating high school this year. When my cousins graduated high school, I was nearly twenty years older than they were so I wrote, “The Little Book of Cousinly Advice” to give to them as part of their graduation gifts. It was advice that I was sure their parents would not be giving them. Much of my advice would not be appropriate to print in a church newsletter. However, I do recall a funny song from years back that does give some pretty good advice – including “wear sunscreen.” You can listen to that song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTJ7AzBIJoI. A great piece advice that the priest from my home parish gave us was when writing home to ask for money, it is always helpful to write it on a church bulletin. I could not agree more. If you are going to be moving away, find a spiritual home there. Find a spiritual family - sisters and brothers in Christ. You will have many things in common with people you go to school with, people you work with, but the spiritual bond that connects you to other people in Christ is different and deeper. You are going to need some soul nurturing, some community and maybe even some home cooked meals. You will find that in church.

Following quickly on the heels of graduation, is Vacation Bible School! This year the theme is Jungle Safari. Last year Stacy Wilson and Carly Tosh initiated the program, and it was a huge success. We had 39 children registered and many helpers. This year, Polly Vander Kruik and Sally Woglom have volunteered to lead the exciting week-long program. Although the program is only three hours each day, it takes a small army of volunteers to work well. We need volunteers to help teach, decorate, wrangle, read, greet, prepare and serve snacks, and more. There is something for every one to do or contribute, just ask or let us know how you would like to help. It is probably the most fun week all year and certainly the cutest!

Have a safe and blessed summer!

Mother Beth


Get ready for an energetic, fun filled week at Vacation Bible School! This year’s theme is Jungle Safari, where kids explore the NATURE of God! Join us July 20-24 fromam-12pm for Bible lessons, prayers, music, crafts, snacks and play. For ages 4-10 (entering Pre-K through 4th grade in Fall 2015).

If you or your teenagers are interested in helping with VBS, please contact Polly Vander Kruik at vansing@warwick.net or Sally Woglom at 845-258-0238, sally.woglom@gmail.com.

See registration form here. Contact Sally with questions you may have about this event.


Last year our raffle netted over $4000 to help fund our programs and ministries here at Christ Church. So many of you contributed to that, and your help is needed once again to build on that success. There is no doubt we can top the $5000 mark this year!

The number of tickets in each book has been reduced from 15 to 12. Won’t you please consider selling just one or two books? If selling is not your cup of tea (as is true for many), a few folks have opted instead to slip them inside birthday or graduation cards, or simply hand them out to friends or relatives. Or strangers! This is actually a great way to let people know, “Hey, I’m a member of that welcoming community over there at Christ Church!”

The raffles will again cost $5 each, and the drawing will be held at 5pm on Applefest Sunday. The grand prize is a $1000 Shop Rite Gift Card. Please see me during Coffee Hour for your ticket books, or pick them up from the Church Office.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Matthew Mumford




Every Sunday immediately following each service (and most times during Coffee Hour) you can visit with the weekly gift card seller and purchase gift cards to Shop Rite, Price Chopper or A&P. At no cost to you, Christ Church earns a percentage that goes to supporting church programs.


Recently while I was working in the Historical Society Archive Room, the president of the Society, Mr. Marc Kurtz came upstairs and began to regale the team with stories of his recent visit to Italy. It seems that he was on a tour along with several other people from Warwick. They were shocked to find the influence of two separate Warwickians in the town of Assisi. They visited a convent in that region and found out that the founder was our own Mother Lurana White. She grew up here in Warwick as a member of Christ Church and was the founder of the Sisters of the Atonement. They were a beautiful order of Episcopal nuns who lived for a while here and then moved their base to Garrison, New York somewhere around 1900. They very much wanted to follow a vow of poverty but the sisters could find no order in the Episcopal Church that would do that, so they formed their own order of Franciscan style nuns and asked to join the Roman Catholic Church. Mother Lurana would later bring the order to Assisi.

The second influence was that of Frederick Frank, who founded Pacem in Terris, a sculpture garden here in Warwick. He was a metal artist and drew and designed works with great beauty and simplicity. If you have ever been to the garden, you will remember an amazing sculpture of St. Francis with his hands upraised and a swarm of birds over his head that appear to be free-floating on air. Marc turned around to catch the view in the village at one point and found the original version of the statue in front of him. How funny to go half way around the world to find a taste of home! It truly is a small world!

Peace to all!

Ivy Tulin


Margaret Johnson, RN & Yoga Instructor, continues to teach Gentle Yoga every Monday evening at 7pm in the parish hall. This class is great for beginners or anyone looking to explore a gentle yoga practice and is accessible to all fitness levels. Gentle Yoga promotes safety, comfort and proper spinal alignment while cultivating a peaceful mind.

Just drop in - no need to register. Invite your friends and family. All are welcome - both male and female. Cost: $10 per session. Bring a yoga mat!

You may contact Margaret with questions at: sittingpriti@gmail.com or by calling-986-9201.

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