Peace be with you!

The Episcopal service for Burial of the Dead is found in the Book of Common Prayer, Rite I page 469, Rite II page 491.

Funerals at Christ Church
All baptized Christians are encouraged to plan for a funeral service in the church. Whether simple or elaborate, depending on one's wishes, it is an important opportunity to care for those who are bereaved, and for the gathered community to celebrate the gift of the departed one's life.

Caring for, commending to God, and celebrating the life of one who has died is an important ministry of the Church, and an opportunity for us as Christians to embrace the promise of resurrection. We encourage all Christ Church parishioners to make funeral plans long before they will be needed. It is a great help to your family, your clergy, and those who will be left to have instructions of what you want.

When a member of your family or a person for whom you have responsibility has died, contact the parish office. In the ideal situation, the clergy will have been notified earlier of an illness or life-threatening situation in order to provide pastoral care and guidance to the dying and their family.

Christ Church clergy will also conduct funeral home or graveside services for non-members; contact the parish office.

The Columbarium at Christ Church
Christ Church has a beautiful marble columbarium inside our small chapel, which is in the front left of our church. It is as sacred and serene resting place for the departed's cremated remains. To inquire about purchasing a niche in our columbarium for yourself or a loved one, contact the parish office.

All Are Welcome