Sundays at 10:10 AM (September through June)

Sunday School

Children have age-appropriate classes from pre-K through teen with religious instruction as well as crafts and games. Go through the church’s double doors to the attached parish house

Recent Activities:

Holy Week

Daniel & the Lions

Epiphany Pageant VIDEO

Our Director of Children’s Ministries is Ms. Carly, a self-described lifelong learner and educator.

Ms. Carly has taught adult education, alternative education, and life skills, as well as traditional classroom teaching as a middle school special education science teacher, reading teacher, math teacher; as a fifth and fourth grade social studies teacher, as a special education first through third grade teacher, and is also the director of the after school program at United Martial Arts Centers.  Most of all, she enjoys playing with children! Ms. Carly holds a master’s of science in education and certifications in teaching children with special needs and in childhood education. Please email Carly if you would like to enroll your child or teach a class.

Adult Education

Adult Discussion
Join our lively adult discussion each week on the current Gospel reading. 

Bible Study, Quiet Days, Workshops
As announced. Check our calendar or e-mail news.